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Massage is an alternative therapy beneficial to most horses. It is often used in cases of injury to assist with rehabilitation, speed healing time and decrease compensatory issues. More recently it is also seen as a tool to assist with training, enhance performance in a natural way and help to prevent injuries and detect minor changes before they become more serious problems.

Anna Drygalski is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist with a passion for making horses feel their best. She enjoys being part of a team which includes veterinarians, chiropractors, accupuncturists, saddle fitters, nutritionists, trainers and owners all working together for the well being of the horse.

Since 2004 Anna has been working with horses around the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. These include horses competitive in Dressage, Hunter/Jumper, Eventing, Racing and Reining as well as many pleasure horses. Whether your horse is a backyard pet, a Grand Prix mount, or anything in between, you can be assured that they will receive superior quality massage services from EquiKneads.

Anna is also very enthusiastic about sharing her love for horses and massage with others. She enjoys doing demos and speaking about the benefits of massage at venues ranging from club meetings and lecture nights to horse shows.


Ania Drygalski, REMT

Ania Drygalski, REMT

604 813 8581

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Realistic expectations of equine massage

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When not to call the equine massage therapist

I would like to begin by saying that Equine Massage Therapy is in no way, shape or form a replacement for regular veterinary care! If your horse is lame or obviously unwell, a veterinarian should always be your first call. Equine massage therapists (or any... read more

Equine Massage from the show ring through retirement

Equine Massage is still a relatively new field that very few people outside of the horse world know about. I often get asked about the types of horses who would benefit from a massage. 60% of a horse’s body mass is comprised of muscles (compared to 40% in... read more

Horse reactions during massage, the good and the bad

One of the first questions I’m often asked once someone finds out what I do is “Do the horses like it?”  It’s usually followed closely by “How do you know whether they like it?” Generally speaking, most horses enjoy their massages very much. It’s not... read more

FAQ – how did you get interested in Equine Massage?

Horses have been a passion of mine practically since birth. As soon as I was able to speak, I talked about horses non stop. No one else in the household was a horse lover and I didn’t even see many horses where we lived (a small seaside town in Poland), but... read more

Recapping 2015 and how the Cold Laser changed my business

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