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Massage Clinic

Lately there has been a lot of interest from horse owners about learning how to do a basic relaxational massage on their horse. Anna is now offering a 4 hour Intro to Massage clinic aimed at owners who would like to know how to extend the benefits of professional massage treatments.

This clinic will:

– Explain the main benefits of massage
– Cover basic equine anatomy
– Teach hands on how to perform a relaxational massage
– Teach basic stretches which will benefit almost every horse
– Discuss basic hydrotherapy techniques useful to every horse owner
– Explain when to use cold vs.hot hydrotherapy
– Discuss contraindications to massage

The day will offer a good mix of theory as well as hands on time so all participants are comfortable with the techniques demonstrated.

At the time a clinic is booked, each participant will receive a booklet covering basic equine anatomy as well as some information about massage. Becoming familiar with this material prior to the weekend will make it much easier to absorb all the information during the actual clinic.

The cost is $120 per person for groups of about 8-10.  This includes some learning materials as well as light refreshments the day of the clinic.

For more information or to book a clinic at your barn, please contact Anna directly and please try to give approximately 6-8 weeks notice.

Anna also enjoys performing massage demos for a variety of groups (riding schools, pony club chapters, etc.). These demos can be more basic or in depth depending on the needs/time restraints of each group.


Clinic participants learn how to accustom a horse to massage (wither scratches win most horses over)


Several massage techniques are demonstrated and practiced

Learning massage techniques

Practising proper technique for a leg massage (handy when applying liniment for example).


Finally, finishing off with stretches, in this case an abdominal lift.

Trying out the abdominal lift

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